St. PaddIPA

Yohnka Brew Labs is an independent brewery in Chicago experimenting with new takes on popular craft beer varieties. This one in particular is a New England-style IPA with strong juicy citrus notes. It was crafted for St. Patrick's Day, so the Yohnka brothers used a particular grain in the malting process to give it a red tint. Thus creating a New England-style Red IPA appropriately called St. PaddIPA. 

The creative approach to the design was to make it Irish without using typical or stereotypical iconography. Rather than using the ubiquitous clover or gaelic patterns, we dug up some symbols of Irish culture that often get ignored. In this case, the sheep, the rainbow, and the prism. We then created a vibrant color palette that spoke to the ingredients as well as the smooth yet bold flavor of this concoction. The color palette heavily contrasts the green and orange often used to represent anything Irish, allowing this brew to have an identity of its own.